Corporate Headshots

Studio-style headshot photography. This is a great option for both formal and informal portraiture when you need a consistent style across a number of people’s headshots. It can easily be replicated in multiple sessions and locations, allowing both a professional look for individual shots and uniform look across your team.

A studio in your office

All that’s needed is a medium-sized room free of furniture and we set can up a temporary studio. The exact space needed will depend on the style of shot you’re after and the complexity of the lighting, but for a simple lighting setup it’s surprising how small a space can work.

The process

It will take up to an hour to set up, and then approximately 5 minutes per person to take a selection of photos. I know having your photo taken isn’t everyone’s favourite thing, so I try to keep the experience as relaxed and time efficient as possible. I’ll capture a selection of images, which will then be edited down to the best five or so – normally ranging in tone from serious to smiley, giving you a choice of tone depending on the intended use of the shots.


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